The best packages for a perfect journey in Bali

Bali vacation packages: discovering the most beautiful beaches, the best spots to ride the waves on the surfboard, to isolate yourself in the pristine corners of Nusa Penida and immerse yourself in the greenery and art of Ubud.

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Choose Your Package

Rent a Scooter

Travel to Bali: touring the island with a scooter will allow you to visit all its beauties and discover its most hidden and suggestive corners. To rent the scooter, with helmet included, you can ask for information directly at our reception, and then go to the entrance for collection. It is possible to pay by card and no deposit is required.

Surf in Seminyak

Bali, where to go to learn or practice surfing? The answer is Seminyak. This beach is ideal for surf lovers: amateurs and long-time surfers. There is also room for beginners who want to tackle the waves with an instructor. Discover the prices for table rental and for the two-hour lesson with the instructor at the Surf School in Berawa Beach.

A Journey in Nusa Penida

Excursions Bali: a trip outside Nusa Penida is a must. Relax, unspoiled nature and exciting landscapes: reserve a full day to the charm of Nusa Penida, on the south-east coast of Bali.

We recommend you visit some of the most beautiful beaches:

  • Kelingking Beach, which has fine white sand.
  • Angel’s Billabong, a real natural pool.
  • Broken Beach, known for its limestone rocks.
  • Crystal Bay: ideal for those who love snorkeling.
  • And finally, a connoisseur gem: Sampalan Beach.

Discover Ubud

Bali, what to do in the heart of the island: Ubud. There are many beauties of this corner of Indonesia. The temples surrounded by lotus flowers, the chaos of the market, the rice fields and the palace of the royal family. All immersed in the atmosphere built by Balinese music and dances.

Lose yourself in the downtown streets and browse the local craft shops, then reach the monkey forest. Attention: the macaques are a bit spiteful. For temples, however, remember to wear a sarong, it is mandatory to cover the legs. Respecting nature and local culture is the first step to fall in love with Ubud, Bali and Indonesia.