Discover Ubud

Ubud: Bali and its soul

In Ubud, Bali shows all the charm thanks to which it has conquered artists, creatives and travelers over the years. It is considered the cultural capital of the island for its history and its strong spirituality. It is an unmissable destination to get to know a different side of Bali than the nearby Seminyak or Canggu.

The palaces, temples, craft shops and unique landscapes attract the most curious travelers and lovers of beauty. To get to Ubud, go through the Monkey Forest, a rainforest populated with monkeys, where you can walk up your nose to observe the life and evolution of these fantastic animals.

What to do in Ubud

What to do in Ubud? This area of Bali is famous for its landscapes, temples, art objects and traditional culture. The village is home to the ancient royal palace and the central market, one of the most picturesque of the island, where you can discover local crafts and go shopping. The nearby village of Celuk is renowned for gold and silverware, while in Batuan you can admire and buy traditional paintings. Hindu temples give the town a special atmosphere and totally immerse itself in the local culture. You can also attend the Barong and Kris dance, a spectacular Balinese dance.

Ubud preserves its traditions also in the kitchen and is a great place to taste the typical dishes, both in small restaurants and in elegant places.

What to see in Ubud: nature and culture

What to see in Ubud? The town is located a few kilometers from the Socialist Lifestyle Hostel and is one of the most amazing areas of the island. Both the village center and its surroundings are a must during a trip to Bali.

The green rice terraces leave visitors from all over the world in awe.

Among the many stand out those of Tellangang and the Rice Terrace Swing of Bali that offer an even more spectacular point of view. They are swings placed at a height of 300 meters from which to swing directly on the rice fields.

Another spectacle not to be missed is the Tegenungan Waterfall, waterfalls where you can dive and swim in a setting unique in the world.

Socialist Lifestyle Hostel provides a tour that includes a visit to the most beautiful places in Ubud and its surroundings. For guests there will be six-seater cars with English-speaking driver, wifi and bottles of water. All at a cost of 650,000 rupees, including travel expenses (gasoline, tolls, parking). Alternatively you can opt for the Nusa Penida tour.