Surf in Seminyak

Surfing: Seminyak is the best destination for riding the waves

Surfing: Seminyak is the best destination for riding the waves. Surfing in Seminyak is a real religion. Everyone has tried to fly on the waves at least once. Why don’t you try the thrill of being in balance in the middle of the sea? Whether you are a beginner or a skilled surfer, we advise you to go to Berawa Beach either to rent the table or to request an individual lesson with the instructor.

The spots, the sandy bottom and the waves of Seminyak have attracted surfers from all over the world to Bali, which has become the meeting point of a community of the traveling surf tribe. You will find an equipped beach where you can experience a vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the spectacle of professionals performing on the crest of the wave. Discover the prices for table rental and for the lesson with the instructor.

Surfing in Bali: enthusiasts know what it means

Surfing in Bali is an opportunity not to be missed. Don’t you have the table with you? A few meters from the Socialista Lifestyle Hostel you can rent the table at the Degedu Surf School, in Berawa Beach.

Go to the school desk and meet the surf that’s right for you. The staff will advise you on the right one. The cost of table rental is 50,000 rupees.

Bali: surf in the waves of Seminyak

The most beautiful experience in Bali: surfing in the waves of Seminyak. You are not familiar with the surfboard but would like to tackle the waves? Do not worry, contact the Degedu Surf School which will offer you the best solution for a fun-filled day. For the table and a two-hour lesson with the instructor the cost is 350,000 rupees. Remember that choosing the right wave is the first success.

If the first lesson was not enough for you, the boys of the school will be happy to organize further days to make you relive the good vibes that only surfing can give.

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